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People of multi-ethnicities need to know they are valued on the job regardless of their backgrounds.
multi-cultural leadership, leadership diversity, dewayne owens
A great multi-cultural leader is willing to understand the uncomfortableness associated with preconceived notions and how people in your work environment are impacted by these impressions.
diversity leadership, multi-cultural workplace, dewayne owens
The objective of a leader in a multi-cultural setting is to bring the differences of others together as harmoniously as possible to achieve company objectives.
diversity leadership, motivational speaker DeWayne Owens, workplace diversity
It is now more important than ever before, critical to acquire the knowledge and ability to relate well to all types of people in the workplace.
The incentive for anyone else to be better at understanding multi-cultural relationships begins with the attitude you display towards it.
Motivational Speaker DeWayne Owens, improving work relations, diversity leadership
In the midst of an ever-changing work culture we can no longer use lack of understanding as an excuse not to do and be better in our work relations.
DeWayne Owens, diversity leadership, leadership influence in the workplace
Leadership is influence and your influence in a multi-cultural work environment will be perceived more by what you do than by what you say.
The desire and skill to be empathetic and flexible in understanding different perspectives is what is needed to be a great leader in a multi-cultural environment.
DeWayne Owens, Diversity Leadership, Motivating Multi-Cultural Teams
It is difficult to motivate a multi-cultural team if you are not a self-motivated person.
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Subconsciously hidden biases and assumptions are not to be ashamed of, they are to be intentionally sought out in order to uncover how negative, deep beliefs can be turned around for good.
Embrace Workplace Diversity!
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DeWayne had us engaged from the start.  His stories and humor helped drive home solid points on inspiration!

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You exceeded all common standards of professional substance and excellence. Rather than providing our members with a never ending commercial, you provided tangible and creative methods for building confidence and improving performance.

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